Capabilities & Approvals

Aero Inspection International is an EASA / FAA Part 145 approved maintenance organisation.

We can issue EASA Form 1s with FAA Dual release on the following components when serviceable.


Scope of Approval: (Borescope)

CFM56                                         (All Series)

GE CF6                                        (All Series)

Rolls Royce RB211                    (All Series)

Rolls Royce Trent                      (500-900 Series )

IAE V2500                                  (All Series)

Pratt & Whitney JT8D              (All Series)

Pratt & Whitney JT9D              (All Series)

Pratt & Whitney PW4000        (All Series)

Pratt & Whitney PW2000        (All Series)


Full range of APUs



Scope of Approval: (Boreblend)

CFM56                                        (All Series)

GE CF6                                        (All Series)



Scope of Approval: (Ni-Cad Batteries)