Aero Inspection is an EASA and FAA Approved MRO. We specialise in: Borescope Inspections Boreblend Repairs NiCad Battery Repair NiCad Battery Overhaul

Federal Aviation Administration Inspection Authorisation (FAA IA)

Federal Aviation Administration Designation Airworthiness Representative (FAA DAR)

Aircraft Weighing

Regulatory advice and consultancy.

Consultancy Services: Aircraft Records Auditing Aircraft Appraisals; Desktop Aircraft Appraisals; Extended Desktop Aircraft Appraisals; Physical Aircraft Appraisals; Comprehensive Engine Shop Visit Rep. Heavy Check Rep. Lease Appraisals Return off Lease Appraisals Borescope Inspection Witness Borescope Video Desktop Review
NDT Aircraft Weighing Engine Inventory/ Inventory Review Engine Storage Line Maintenance Support